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Greg Gant from Chocolate Bar Studios wrote
You log onto Facebook and in the first 15 seconds, you see a video. You log onto Google and in the top 3 hits, there's another video. With video taking over the internet it has you wondering…. Shou... (more)
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Mary Louise Butler from MLB Homes wrote
On-time, artistic eye, and personable with my clients. They've got to have a menu of options for day/night/evening scenes and range of pricing depending on the needs of each property. I'm liking th... (more)
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Alicia Grier-Lewis from Alicia Grier-Lewis-Realtor wrote
The buying process from beginning to end.. preapproval, home search/MLS..making an offer/earnest money deposit,explain what comes after an offer is accepted by the seller example home inspection, r... (more)
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