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I am a Marketing Troubleshooter. When you're sick and don't know why, you seek a medical specialist. When your marketing or advertising is not working, and the wasted money is making you sick, call me for a diagnosis. You can't afford to waste more money on social media, websites, even direct mail or radio without getting results. You can try every other home remedy someone suggests or you can use a specialist who can get things right-fast.

if you're looking for the link for a private 1 on 1 call mentioned in many of the replies on Alignable: https://PhoneInFridaysWithMark.acuityscheduling...

Want to learn marketing but not have student loans? Sign up for the weekly word mailed direct to your in-box. No selling, no tests! www.TabletMarketingAcademy.com

My private email is Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com if you are ready to move and solve the problems that plague your marketing and waste your money.

Our Ideal Customer

Business Owners currently spending money on advertising and not getting results. Prefer small businesses grossing less than $5M a year. Any small business with an ad that has failed to generate leads or sales who wants to know why, fix, the problem, and make the ad pay.

Our Team
Mark Mehling      (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) from Take Control Marketing
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com)
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Find the Best Way to attract more customers!

Expert fishermen know what fish to go after, where to find them, the best lures, and the best methods to get them on the hook and into the boat. Fishing for new customers is the same. Is this you? Have you spent thousands on advertising, websites, Facebook ads- with zero results? Frustrated...
Businesses We Recommend
Darci is a highly sought after expert who gets results. If you want to get higher test scores, you MUST call her.
Keisha cares. Not about her fitness, but about yours! I am not surprised she has clients throughout the United States. If you just want a drill instructor, go somewhere else. But if you want to feel better, look better, and be the envy of friends and family, Keep Fit with Keisha!
If your business wants more targeting customers and clients, you MUST call Kimberly and talk. She is low key, but with a finger on the pulse of those people you want a customers. She has many different pockets of readers- and one is bound to be exactly the demographic you need to grow. Before you waste another hard earned dollar on an unknown publication, make the phone call. You won't regret your conversation with Kimberly- I certainly didn't!!
Suzanne and her team are not just bookkeepers. These are what every small business needs- team members who help you grow the business- not just count the dollars. They use numbers CPAs would never know how to compute to help you get more customers, get them to spend more, and get better margins. The Tangible Effect is a bargain- like having a CFO on your staff!
Rebecca impresses me as a straightforward expert with critical knowledge that any small business could use. Her sales mastery and online knowledge are exactly what startups and small businesses need- some who explains clearly, makes accurate assessments, and is generous with her time and talents. SEO, websites, sales or all three, Rebecca is a coach that will improve your game!
"Every team needs a coach". No athlete ever became great without a coach. John is the answer when your business needs an outsider to give you a different perspective. He sees what you can't, recommends what works, and pays for himself in profits. And his easy going manner makes it a great experience!
WOW! Finally a way to make a real impression with clients. The world has been waiting and Jamie/Cardcierge has the answer to those horrible ecards and canned thank you notes. And clients love them! The only problem is you may have customers calling to thank you for caring. (A problem I just happen to love.)
Ellen knows marketing. It's that simple. And she knows how t bring out the best in her clients. Let her help you to the top!
Patrick is a must call!
Jesse and Nova Pro Media is a trusted source. His personal expertise goes beyond any other digital advertiser I have met. He knows how to make you prosper using online methods that apply to your business, your customers, and your specific product or service. If you spend ANY money, do it this guy. I have 40 years experience in marketing and don't endorse very many people. Jesse is an exception.
At the leading edge, using his expertise to help others.
Leverage the knowledge of IBM with the skillset of a small business consultant
Grant knows drones. He's certified, licensed, insured- everything to make the experience flawless. Want drone photography? The decision is now simple...
Ralf and Flor know this market and do what others can't or won't. Their personal attention to everyone who calls defies modern 'online only' imitations of customer service. If your business needs to grow, or you just received that dream contract and need money to build product, MFS is the only source I trust- and you should too.
If your life is a blank canvas, call Art!
Johnnie is the real deal. Her caring attitude is such a welcome relief from many insurance agents. If you want an expert who cares, this is who you should be dealing with.
Whether a personal or business inventory (or even chocolate logos!), Jo knows the business. Totally impressed me- and I am not easily impressed...
Great product-Great way to interact with kids!
There are very few people who truly give of themselves. Maury is one of those people. He knows A LOT and shares it easily. If you are in the real estate, mortgage or home inspection business and need leads, this is the only company I have met that only charges for leads AFTER the lead has purchased. That's right, no sale, nothing to pay. That means no more fake leads, dead leads, or cold leads. Let Maury rock your world!
When you are ready to take control of your life, to overcome the fear, the self-doubt, the poor image, Cassandra is who you should call. She has been there, overcome, come out better, and is willing to help others enjoy the rich, new life of self-esteem, confidence, and assurance. Don't put it off, today is the day to change your life- with a partner rooting for you the whole way.
Michael's experience can be seen in every photo. There are millions of pictures out there- his are remembered.
If you could bottle energy, it would be named Lori Brooks. If you're in the financial industry, this is one investment you will NOT regret.
Leonardo is on a mission to help kids! Partner with him and donate copies of his books to your local library! It's less than $20 and can change kid's lives!
Past Events & Promotions
1498934065 tma 101 what is marketing
No business grows without effective Marketing and Advertising. But where do you start? With a simple 22 minute a week commitment to learning. Even with a college degree Marketing and Advertising can be confusing. What media should I use? Will FB work for my business? Should I discount my main...
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I’ve been blessed. And could retire anytime- very comfortably. Many people helped me get to this place. It’s time to give back. So here’s your chance. How would you like a private, 1 on 1, 50 minute consult with a proven professional marketing troubleshooter? At no cost or obligation. Ask any...
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Marketing is a broad area and can be very confusing. Remember the old grade school question: How do you eat an elephant?" And the answer that seems so obvious: One bite at a time. Well you can learn marketing the same way. Each week enjoy one bite of a specific topic that can be applied to your...
Top Forum Activity
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Marketers, How Have You Priced Your Consulting Services?
4 months ago • 20 Likes • 5 Replies
There are only three ways to get paid: Option 1: Exchange time for money. That's what most people do (regular JOBS as well as consultants) and many of the responses reflect this. It's limited by... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered How Do I Market My Skin Care Business?
about 2 months ago • 19 Likes • 2 Replies
Jessica, as Steve points out, it's not easy. Your question is similar to "How do I build a car?" It would take many pages just to get you started on the road to success- not to success but started... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered What Would Be the Best Way to Promote Ourselves Around...
4 months ago • 18 Likes • 6 Replies
If you've decided exactly who to target with an especially well crafted message that relieves pain (whether physical or not), you aren't spamming anyone. It's called selling. And if you have a... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Is Facebook Advertising Cost Effective for Service...
26 days ago • 14 Likes • 1 Reply
Only if it gets your well crafted message (did you do one?) in front of your target audience (how do you know?) and you have a closing/conversion system that take the leads and walks them down a... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Non-Realtors: How Do You Go About Finding Realtors?
5 months ago • 13 Likes • 6 Replies
Bryan, looks like the magnet attracted a lot of realtors. May I respond from a client perspective? I moved 16 times in 23 years so have a closing or two under my belt. "Finding" a realtor is a... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered How Do You Tell A Business Owner You Will Never Refer Them?
6 months ago • 13 Likes • 2 Replies
I would try a slightly different approach before resorting to Maury's excellent advice. Do you know the definition of a diplomat? (I used to be one.) A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Consulting Businesses, How Do You Obtain Business Inquiries?
about 2 months ago • 12 Likes • 5 Replies
While there are some great tactical answers here, let me suggest a more strategic and long term approach. It has worked very well for me. It's a little philosophical but I think you will get the... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered When Advertising, What Is the Most Effective Medium for...
2 months ago • 10 Likes
The most effective media is the one that puts your well crafted message in front of your highly targeted audience or ideal clients. Ignore these two critical steps and no media will... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Is It a Good Option to Offer a Percent Discount on...
2 months ago • 10 Likes • 3 Replies
I never let my clients discount their main product. It's slow suicide. Here's why: - suggests desperation- people aren't going to buy a service like yours because it's now cheaper- people will... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered How Do You Notify Your Customer of Your New Rate?
3 months ago • 10 Likes • 3 Replies
Sounds like you are ready to ditch the long time customers. It would take some pretty significant trust for me to believe you are now worth two and a half times what you were last week. Your long... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered How Can a Business Selling Chemical Free Products...
2 months ago • 9 Likes
Ruth, you need to go back to basics. Who is you ideal client? What message would compel them to action? What media would put your message in front of your target? What system do you put... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Pet Care Professionals, What Do You Do if a Client...
about 1 month ago • 9 Likes • 2 Replies
Not sure what you have tried, but one of my favorite scripts, in either email or snail mail is something along the lines of : "Hi <name> I've noticed that our recent service for <animal name> has... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Does Anyone Have Ideas For How To Increase The Customer...
27 days ago • 8 Likes
Hi Michael My wife was a professional petsitter for 5 years. She went to their home for 30 minute visits. Ten years ago, she routinely did $40K of business by herself. I did her marketing. The... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered As A Florist, Do You Offer Wedding Packages?
4 months ago • 8 Likes • 2 Replies
Tolani, I am not a florist. Is it ok to answer from a marketing point of view? There is a rule called 1, 2, 3, too many. It deals with choices. People want choices. Big time. It's the American... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered As a Health Professional, What Is the Best Way to Follow...
18 days ago • 7 Likes
Meandy, you are already getting some great answers. Here's a marketing perspective. Sales people sell 'stuff', usually products or services. You, on the other hand, have solutions. That's what you... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Non-Traditional Methods Businesses Use To Attract New...
5 months ago • 7 Likes • 8 Replies
Chris, today is your lucky day. I am clearing out my library of duplicates and have just the resource you need: "Outrageous Advertising that's Outrageously Successful" is a book written in 2009 by... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered How Do You Handle 'Going Over Budget' on a Client Project?
4 months ago • 7 Likes • 4 Replies
All depends why you went over. Misjudged the cost? You eat it. It's called 'a learning experience' and is usually cheaper than finding a replacement client. You can generally tell it's your fault... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered Do You Know Your Direct ROI From Your Social Media?
5 months ago • 7 Likes • 4 Replies
Matt, In six weeks, no one has answered. Please allow me to suggest why: 1. Most small businesses have not been trained on how to calculate an ROI for any of their marketing or advertising. Not... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered How Can I Create A Non-Existent Market on a Shoestring...
29 days ago • 7 Likes • 2 Replies
Hi Shawn, You have more time than money. So the key is to learn to do some things yourself. I would suggest you learn how to get PR or public relations for your business. I believe that would pay... (more)
Mark Mehling (Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com) answered How Do You Make an "Old" Sales Lead Fresh Again?
6 months ago • 7 Likes • 2 Replies
I know you will get hundreds of ideas here, Roger. I have the privilege of being one of the first. Here is a script I have used before, first with email, then via snail mail, then via FedEx and... (more)

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