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About Us

Local ISA Certified Arborist in Kenton serving the Portland Metro area, offering expert level tree care at affordable prices. Crane/climber coordinated large tree removals, ornamental pruning, and more. 503.995.0540 or www.nwtreework.com

How We Got Started

We began our tree service to offer a superior tree work job at prices our community can afford. ISA certified and ANSI pruning methodology ensure your trees are maintained correctly every time. We noticed our old neighborhood trees being hacked up, topped, and removed un-necessarily by unlicensed crews. People were used to the industry being unprofessional. There is a need for a skilled, professional arborist in every area in the Northwest.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer appreciates the difference between an Arborist and a logger :) We love trees, and customers who preserve them for as long of a life as possible through correct pruning and care.

Our Team
John Page from NW Tree Work
John Page
ISA Certified Arborist at NW Tree Work
John Page, ISA Certified Arborist  from NW Tree Work
John Page, ISA Certified Arborist
Owner/General Contractor
Products & Services
Businesses We Recommend
Good emergency service helped save a family dog.
They fix our stump grinder, chippers, etc. and are always friendly. Thank you Dave!
Good to go Thai.
Another client of ours owns this store! Great people, nice to do business with..and Wonderful local coffee!!
Our client owns the store and she is great. This is a nice store geared towards women feeling comfortable to be there. What a Great lady and much needed service provider.
Very helpful, offer good advice, and they sell Stewardias!
Great little cafe to meet at for coffee chats. Good coffee and pastries.
Past Events & Promotions
COME WATCH THIS!! "A bird's eye view of the impressive trees in Laurelhurst Park, where the Portland Regional Tree Climbing Competition will be held on June 17th. The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture is pleased to host the Portland Regional Tree Climbing...
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Large tree pruning and removal expert. ISA Certified Arborist reports, permitting services, ornamental pruning, and more. Call 503-995-0540 or visit us online at www.nwtreework.com
We are busy cleaning up storm damage, assessing trees, and doing maintenance pruning before Spring! Call/text/or email for an ISA Arborist to give you a FREE on site bid in the Portland metro area. www.nwtreework.com or 503-995-0540.