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Lee Kariuki from LeeKariuki.com
Lee Kariuki from LeeKariuki.com wrote
The best way to approach this situation is to start with thinking like small business owners do. What is on their mind? They are probably thinking where am I going to get customers? So rather than ... (more)
Valarie Harris from Varris Marketing
Valarie Harris from Varris Marketing wrote
1. Social Media Marketing. This could include; video, content and engagement marketing and SEO. 2. Email Marketing. This could include; newsletters, press releases, surveys and more. 3. ... (more)
Paula Honroth from Wild Fun Travel
Paula Honroth from Wild Fun Travel wrote
I take them to Red Robin etc. and pay for unlimited fries and one drink each. Then present the cruises lines I know they will like and the activities along with brochure and DVD. It can be a singl... (more)
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