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“ Been using them since 2000's when they first came out - best phone system ever. ”
Written Aug 15, 2017

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"Michele is brilliant. She's an expert who has so mastered the industry that she can coherently explain all the pieces to a layman without making anyone feel dumb. She's patient and generous with her time and knowledge. I attended her workshop and asked her questions privately afterwards. I...

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Book Cover Design

Maya Bohnhoff, Writer/Editor/Musician/Graphic Artist
I have a huge library of images and fonts, and I'm not afraid to use them. I also have years of experience with Photoshop other editing tools and can employ them to create a standout cover for your eBook, Audible, or print title. Check my Gallery for my design work (my designs are annotated) or...

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Bryan Kramer from PureMatter
Bryan Kramer from PureMatter answered:
We created an online membership community for small business people and entrepreneurs to learn more about social media and get clear in their message, called (Human Marketing Club). We recently had one of our members, a dog trainer in LA, get a 32x return on her first Facebook campaign! Another member, the owner of the Small Biz Shop... (more)

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David McCaman from Gateway Financial Advisors - David McCaman, CPA
David McCaman from Gateway Financial Advisors - David McCaman, CPA wrote:
My ideal client is typically a busy tech professional (or couple) - working hard to make the most of their career, family, and finances but needing some extra help with making tough financial decisions or not having enough time to actively manage their portfolio. (more)

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Crystal Ballroom Dance Studio, Inc., San Jose CA
DeeLynn Fields from Crystal Ballroom Dance Studio, Inc.
San Jose CA • Business Services
Best of Silicon Valley 2009Youth classes: Call to register!408-260-8900
Joined on Aug 14, 2017

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