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About Us

Ready2Grow is a business and leadership consulting firm based in Waterloo, Ontario. We help businesses double or triple their profits by putting into place leading-edge strategies, systems, and people. Our mission is to help you accomplish your next level. Whether you're just starting out...or you want to strengthen, grow, or exit your established business...we have proven methods, tools, and connections that will get you there. For more information on programs and services, please check out our website at www.ready2grow.com.

How We Got Started

As I developed Ready2Grow in 2007, I had no idea that the great recession of 2008 was right around the corner! But more important than any economic downturn was my strong desire to provide solutions that business owners need in order to grow. I set about collecting and refining the tools and systems I wished had been available in earlier business ventures...ideas and strategies that were simple and practical...where I didn't have to translate jargonese into plain English...where I didn't have to reinvent a solution in order to make use of it...and that didn't cost the earth...results that could be measured right away.

So these are the characteristics we've built in to all Ready2Grow products and services. Here you'll find business growth solutions that are: Clear. Practical. Affordable. High-value. Community-Building.

Our Ideal Customer

We love working with:

1. established solopreneurs and professional service owners with a small team.

2. larger established professional service businesses including construction, architecture, engineering, IT, and insurance.

3. all start-ups.

Our Team
Lois Raats from Ready2Grow Associates
Lois Raats
Founder and Principal Consultant
Products & Services

Next Level Meeting

What does your next level in life and business look like, and how will you get there? Go ahead and book a time and let's get to know each other! https://calendly.com/ready2grow.
Businesses We Recommend
Lucie is a visionary leader in both prevention and wellness and disability management. Her innovative ideas and systems will help you sustain a healthy and productive workforce.
Krysia is a very talented editor who can help you to shape your vision and get your ideas across in a clear and compelling way.
Jackie is a true artist who will work magic on your face and image, bringing out the very best in you. If you need more polish or a whole new look, give her a call!
Matt and team are true flooring installation and renovation experts. They will do a beautiful job on your floor.
Harlyn is a super-professional and friendly business person who always goes the extra mile with every client. He is going to take excellent care of you!
The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce is one of the most progressive and innovative Chambers in Canada. The team has been so helpful to so many local businesses and I am proud to be a member!
Jenn, Dan and team have all kinds of customized strategies for enhancing your business image through promotional products, print, and advertising. I've known them for years and high recommend them.
Trish and her team are highly intuitive and talented at helping people move past pain and negativity and build a meaningful and rewarding life.
If ADD or difficult behaviour are present in your family, Tracy may be able to help through the holipathic techniques she has developed over the last 20 years. I recommend you get in touch with her to find out more.
John has been a mentor for many years. He is kind and smart and really knows everything there is to know about strategic HR. Highly recommended.
Keith is always learning and growing and is a kind and effective inspiration to everyone he meets.
Norm and team really know their stuff and are fun to work with. They have achieved great returns for us over the years regardless of marketplace conditions.
Pierrette is a savvy and supportive coach who will help you to map out and realize your visions and dreams.
Laurie has huge passion for helping you create your perfect trip or vacation. I highly recommend her services!
Bonita is wise, smart, and an amazing manager of time and projects. Whatever your issue she is going to help you sort things out and move forward.
Whatever your vehicle requires, Chris and his team are going to take great care of you. They'll know exactly what to do and will make it happen.
Ben and team are true artists who turn every design/build project into a masterpiece.
Lesley and her team are highly talented designers who will help you strengthen or reinvent your brand and your marketing.
Sylvia is a natural teacher with practical ideas and tools for getting your money under control. Highly recommended.
Donna is a master hair technician and an awesome human being. She cut our kids' hair to perfection for years!
TCD has a real love for both print and people, and they are going to help you realize your vision and "make you look good on paper".
Glenn is friendly and helpful and very smart. He'll help you grow your money.
Awesome attention to detail and service. Terry's ideas are bound to impress your clients.
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Choose your online platforms carefully based on your business model, the preferences of your ideal clients, and the marketing and sales channels that make the most sense related to these. Do... (more)
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Choose the neighbourhoods and types of clients you think you might want to work with. Network with local business owners. Place flyers / cards in their stores with their permission. Get your first... (more)
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1. You need stories. Change is an invisible and highly abstract concept. People really don't know how to think about it, and have trouble understanding how one change agent differs from another.... (more)
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Important question. The best consultants engage the team throughout the project to build a sense of ownership, and offer ongoing coaching afterward to fully support implementation efforts. (more)
Lois Raats answered How Can I Get Referrals for Our Consulting Services?
20 days ago
1. Reconnect with your "low-hanging fruit" - the people you already know. Tell them the outcomes you produce. Don't worry if you haven't produced them yet - you will. 2. Do great work. At the... (more)
Lois Raats answered How Do You Prospect for Consulting Work?
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1. Start face-to-face to build experience and testimonials. Seek a closed-category networking group (one industry per group) with progressive business owners who understand the value of investing... (more)
Lois Raats asked Running a Local Alignable Networking Event In Waterloo.
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Based on all our new Alignable connections, one option would be to run a local networking event. If you have run a face-to-face event for your Alignable network, please share with us what works... (more)
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Hire a bookkeeper and accountant to do this type of detail work if it's not your strength. Choose people who will help you going to help you set up your systems. Best investment ever. (more)
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Vision lets people know why you're in business. For example, I sometimes work with renovators. Lots of renovators are in business mainly to make a profit. But my clients are more often about... (more)

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