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*First-time author interested in improving their writing skills through writing and mentoring.

*Author ready to publish their book.

*Author ready to get some assistance with their editing or marketing.

About Us

Idea Creations Press assists writers from idea to creation, and even further if they choose. We help with writing, publishing and marketing efforts including, mentoring, editing, ghostwriting, book creation and future marketing efforts.

How We Got Started

I became the publisher I'd dreamt of finding. I wanted a publisher that cared about me over the money they were able to put into their own pockets. Today, I serve authors in the ways I always wanted to be served.

Mentoring for Writers

You may have an idea for a book or your book is in the works or completed. Let Idea Creations Press get it to publication!

Marketing Assistance

Your book is published or soon to be published. Now what? Marketing, of course. But where do you start? Let Idea Creations Press help you get going or do it for you so that you can focus on more writing!
Businesses We Recommend
A great writer of fantasy - soon to be great in our genres. Personable and reaches out to other writers.
Friendly and eager to assist me in my own business.
Lauren has been great to work with. Her skills on my audio mystery series has been A+. She is eager, not only in doing her best work, but in helping me advertise my audio books after they are released.
Top Forum Activity
Kathryn Jones answered Does Your Company Utilize the Services of Interns From...
11 days ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
I have one intern, sort of. It's my daughter, and she's doing some editing for me. But I haven't gone out to the colleges. (more)
Kathryn Jones answered How Can a Printing Business Get More Business?
19 days ago
Market to writers in your area. Writers need postcards, business cards, banners for events and more. Most people are online so advertise there as well. (more)
Kathryn Jones answered Have You Made a Video Clip to Promote Your...
about 2 months ago
Yes I have. I have created book trailers for myself as well as book trailers for other authors. I also create business trailers like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=225wzIDYpBY. I use... (more)
Kathryn Jones answered Are Christian Poetry Books Marketable?
2 months ago
Unfortunately, poetry has a narrow readership. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't publish your book. I have always believed in writing and publishing what you love and not necessarily what people... (more)
Kathryn Jones answered How Do You Find Customers For Your Business?
5 months ago
Referrals. And then my website and social media. Most people come to us because someone has had a great experience with us, or they have read one of our books, liked it, and have wanted to publish... (more)

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