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Daniel Simmon from eVision Media wrote
Hi Suzanne: 10 Hours a week for updating seems extreme but it all depends on what types of updates these are? Perhaps if it is a product change we could find a importing system which would drastic... (more)
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Rudy Hiebert from AMSOIL Independant Dealer Rudy Hiebert wrote
Both concepts have evolved from merely a form of advertising to building relationships, although admittedly rather superficial. I'm not forgetting that either one is not exclusive to new and more p... (more)
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John Manuel from John Manuel Financial Services CPCA certified professional consultant on aging wrote
i have had 3 different realtors that i have done business with that i have sold or bought through or both, or given a direct referral that did business with them, now they won't even return a phon... (more)
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