With over 1,000,000 meaningful relationships already established, Alignable is the network exclusively for local business owners. Unlike traditional networks where users connect with hundreds or thousands of people, Alignable members establish a personalized core network of trusted industry peers who align with their goals, needs and target customer base.

Active in over 8,000 communities, Alignable members have the opportunity to meet fellow business owners nearby, network, generate customer referrals, co-promote, ask questions and benefit from word-of-mouth marketing through discussions and knowledge sharing. Headquartered in Boston, Alignable was made public in 2014 and is venture-backed by Mayfield Fund, Recruit Strategic Partners, Saturn Partners, NextView Ventures and Lead Edge Capital.


Before starting Alignable, we spent months talking with hundreds of local business owners about how technology could help them grow their business. Our "Ah-ha!" moment came when person after person told us what they most wanted was an easy way to meet the other business owners on their street. We worked hand-in-hand with businesses right in our hometown of Acton, Massachusetts, making introductions, building relationships, and demonstrating how by working together they could attract new customers. Alignable today reflects many of the lessons we learned from those days. Since launching in January 2014, tens of thousands of business owners across North America have joined Alignable to build the relationships that help their businesses grow and succeed. See our latest news.

Our Leadership Team

Eric Groves


Prior to co-founding Alignable, Eric was SVP Sales & Business Development at Constant Contact for 10+ years where he led the company’s go to market efforts growing the business from start-up stage to 400,000 customers and $200MM in revenue. Eric authored the Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing and has appeared on MSNBC's Your Business and is a contributing writer on Small Business Trends, Fast Company, Yahoo Small Business, and AllBusiness.

Venkat Krishnamurthy


Venkat is a serial entrepreneur who's led several businesses through to successful outcomes. Along the way, he’s picked up an Academy Award for technical achievement, transformed the field of Metrology and CAD, founded an orthodontics company and RFID enabled big box retailers. He has experienced the myriad challenges with starting and building an enduring business and is passionate about the opportunity to help what is the largest segment of entrepreneurs worldwide: local business owners.

Pascal Rettig


Gopal Shenoy

VP Product

Dan Slagen



Alignable's investors are made up of remarkable entrepreneurs, venture investors with tons of experience in building revolutionary software applications, and a few friends we have made along the way.




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Press Release - Alignable Adds New Investment from Global Investment Leader

6/23/16 - BOSTON - Alignable, the network for local business owners, has added an additional $1.5 million in a strategic investment from Recruit Strategic Partners, the Silicon Valley based venture...

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