By far the best platform to boost your local networking ability.

Lori Brooks from Lori Brooks
Boston, MA

I love Alignable! This is by far the best platform to boost your local networking ability. Thank you (Eric & Venkat) for the ability to reconnect with so many people in such a relevant manner. :) Loving It!!

The networking platform I've been waiting for...

Samuel Nolasco from WiseGuy - Certified Consulting & Installations
Gainesville, GA

I must say that it has been an almost overwhelming level of support just from my immediate warm market. I hadn't talked to many of these clients in years and apparently most of them think very highly of me. Recommendations and support are pouring in you!

In just three days on Alignable I have...

Danielle Cuddie from Velocity Printing
Easley, SC

Booked 3 meetings. Earned 2 new customers because of the products section on my profile. Received 34 emails requesting quotes. Acquired 14 sales from those emails. Had 9 former customers request a re-order. 5 past customers send along referrals. This is the best platform I have found for small business. 8 years on LinkedIn have barely measured up to 3 days on Alignable- I can’t wait to see what 8 years on Alignable looks like for my business!

An engaging community of business owners

Wanda Baader from Strategize Your Success
Tucson, AZ

I've only been on this platform for a week and I am really loving the engagement with other business owners. Thanks for creating this community!

First day on Alignable

Patricia Scott from A Better Answer
Bel Air, MD

This is quite a "deal". Have three prospects already. Let's see where this goes!

What works for me is trying to help without getting anything back

Dan Hahn from Main Street Marketing
Edgewood, KY

I've referred and been referred by contacts I've met on Alignable and then met in person. I have 2 customers that I met initially through Alignable by answering their questions and trying to help. I've also connected with future partners and paved the way for other customers that may come my way in the future. What works for me is trying to help without worrying about getting anything back. What comes, will come and if it doesn't then I will still continue to help when I can. Alignable makes it possible for me to meet local business owners who otherwise have found a way to stay in the shadows behind gatekeepers. I think they and I like Alignable because it allows us to communicate without any perceived obligation either of us at first.

Easy to use!

Lisbeth McKinley, M.A. from Let's Make Room, LLC
Oakland, CA

Of all the social media tools I've used this one is the most user-friendly. I've actually had fun setting up my profile, answering and asking questions, getting and receiving recommendations and setting up future "coffee" dates. What a great idea!

Folks on the platform really want to be of service to the community

Eddie Davis from FINSYNC
Atlanta, GA

I've really enjoyed meeting new people on Alignable: coffee, phone calls and most importantly, referred business in both directions. The search tool makes it really handy to find a good fit for friends when my internal Rolodex isn't quite getting the job done. Probably the coolest thing I've noticed versus just general networking is the folks on the platform really want to be of service to the community and are willing to give advice and feedback whether or not there is a direct sale to be made or not.

A useful platform to connect

Christine Rose from Christine Rose Life Coaching
Tacoma, WA

I have personally met business owners I first met on Alignable, and I have referred people to them. It's a useful platform to connect to and serve other business owners.

Gave my business exposure through promotions and social media sharing

Rob Crocker from Wine and Canvas Knoxville
Knoxville, TN

Alignable has been great for us at Wine and Canvas Knoxville. We've connected with a few local companies and now have future events in the works. It's helped me give my business exposure through promotions and the social media sharing options. We also really appreciate all the feedback we get on questions and being able to see how other small businesses rate popular software and services. Just the social media portion of Alignable alone is outstanding. I can setup promotions, share them across most of our social media networks AND schedule them to be posted again in the future as our events near! It's really saved me a lot of time and has become a crucial tool in our events postings.

Getting leads for future clients

Michelle Goodhew from Mundus Media Ink.
Burlington, WA

I have been a member of your site for just a short few days now and am already meeting new people and getting some leads on future clients. Thank you so much for the wonderful service that you are providing to businesses and for giving us locals a chance to connect.

I've met lots of local businesses!

Robin Westmiller from River Ridge Living
Oxnard, CA

You should know I've met with more local businesses in the two weeks since I've signed on with Alignable than any other "social media" platform I've used!

I got several gigs and two speaking opportunities from Alignable

Julie Niehoff from Author, Speaker, Marketing Leader
Austin, TX

I have been referred from Alignable at least 4 times so far and I have sent referrals for many people on the site. I know of those that have referred me because I got work out of them. I was able to get several decent consulting gigs and now two really good (paying) speaking opportunities.

Perfect for most anyone in the business of business

Anthony Ponceti from United Games - Live Professional Sports
Lakeland, FL

I have invited many individuals to join Alignable and many have been favorably impressed. Alignable is a great business social interaction platform that is perfect for most anyone in the business of business. Meet new customers and vendors and expand your reach, making you a more recognizable and trustworthy prospect and/or supplier.

Now able to connect with other companies like they're in the next room

Chris Buck from Captevrix
Saint Augustine Beach, FL

Alignable brings together the networking capabilities of LinkedIn with the ease of Facebook. We're now able to connect with other companies like they're in the next room. We're new to Alignable and are already exploring new opportunities!

I've met new businesses resulting in new clients

David from Ailing
San Marcos, CA

Alignable is a great tool for local connections. I've had a few businesses reach out to me who found me on Alignable, all resulting in new clients and/or service relationships. I've found everyone to be professional and have yet to be spammed by anyone. As a local networking resource it's a great tool.

Use Alignable as a place to facilitate face-to-face meetings

Darrin Fitzgerald from Artie Media
Hingham, MA

I've used Alignable in two ways. First, to connect here with businesses and individuals that I already know, trust and refer. Second, to invite other local business owners that I don't know to meet for coffee, establish a relationship, and even invite them to join local networking groups where members can all benefit from building relationships that eventually result in referrals. I think the challenge is to use Alignable not just as another place to build a list of connections (like Linkedin, Google+, etc.), but to use it as a place to facilitate the face-to-face meetings. These one-on-one meetings are the place where we start to identify all the connections that we didn't know we had in common, and more importantly, the face to face meetings are where we begin sewing the seeds of longterm relationships. I believe this use of Alignable is closest to the heart of why it was designed. If we did nothing else on Alignable, this is where we should find its greatest value.

Generated business and made strategic connections

Sunil Bhaskaran from Cayaha Mind, LLC
San Jose, CA

I have generated quite a bit of business thus far using Alignable and have made some strategic connections. Follow up and patience are key. Not everyone is going to respond right away - but if you keep connecting and making connections, that is part of the key.

A wonderful circle of what aligns us as small and local business owners

Stacey Riska from Small Biz Marketing Specialist
Bethesda, MD

I have met the most incredible people here on Alignable. This is my #1 online home! There are businesses in my area who I've met and communicate with. We proactively help each other, sometimes just getting together for coffee, sometimes sharing promotions I'm made aware of through this platform. There are small business owners all over the country who are too far to have that face-to-face meeting, but we "like" and "share" each other's promotions and build amazing relationships. I've referred others. I've been referred by others to others. It's a wonderful circle of what "aligns" us as small and local business owners.

Worked on a joint promotion with an Alignable business

Dave Chambers from Wine Marketing Enterprises, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

I worked on a joint promotion with an Alignable business who was referred to me, and it went so well I've referred her to others.

I have already had two replies from a promotion that I ran

Janice Kaye from Kaye Artistic Reflections & Designs
Sydney, Nova Scotia

I am using Alignable to meet other businesses so we can get to know each other and refer each other. The promotion options are great. I have already had two replies from a promotion that I ran. So far I have a total of five recommendations from other businesses.

Great to meet someone who has a way to add value to your life

Bob Haywood from Hard Copy Cards
Londonderry, NH

It is great to see and meet someone who has a way to add value to your life. These are the types of people I have met on Alignable that is why I refer those who I have interacted with.

Gained 2 new clients and testimonials

Carisa Sanders from Business Building with Carisa
Orange Park, FL

I have gained 2 new clients who also posted a testimonial. I enjoy the change of platform. With so many out there today, it takes interaction, meeting and follow-up.

Alignable makes me feel that I am a part of something bigger.

Kathryn Smith from Kathryn Smith Hypnotherapy
Gilbert, AZ

I am very impressed with the site. I run a small practice. Your site has given me the feeling that I am a part of something bigger. That is hard to do. Well done.

We have met many connections and received over 30 recommendations

Mike Hayes from Big Ideas Express
San Francisco, CA

Alignable has become a key component in our networking and so we have decided to launch an Alignable Success Summit to help bring together many of the thought leaders. We have met many connections and have already received over 30 recommendations on Alignable. We love the support we've gotten from our fellow small business owners.

Wonderful tool for online marketing

Suzanne Walters from Sellstate Realty
Fort Myers, FL

I have had several referrals from Alignable and referred several people as well! It is a wonderful tool for online marketing and I will continue to use it! I look forward to meeting new people and hope that we can all help each other prosper!

Great site for any business owner who will take the time to meet

Stephen Schuller from Stephen Schuller, LLC
Jacksonville, FL

No matter how long one has been in business, prospecting is a task that must continually be focused on. While there is certainly no shortage of ways to do this today, every business person needs to find those methods that are most effective for them. For me, one of those ways has become the daily use of Alignable. Its focus on business to business contact allows for the free exchange of ideas and referrals among peers. It is a great way to meet other like minded businesses in the community that are receptive to working together. I would highly recommend embracing all that Alignable has to offer to its users.

I connected with businesses I may not have otherwise

Lisa Parziale from Portside Marketing, LLC
Flower Mound, TX

I have closed some business that came from Alignable directly. What I like most is that I have connected with some businesses I may not have otherwise who are local. In the future, I know I will refer business to many of them.

A Real Network for the Small Business Owner

Gilbert Nichols from Tall Man Promotions
Suwanee, GA

Everything LinkedIn wanted to be for the local business market, but isn't! It's like Facebook for the small business owner, yet without the drama!

I like exchanging of ideas of what works and doesn't

Jimmy Rios from Living EZ Consulting
Chandler, AZ

I have and have gotten a great response and I'm currently working to set up more relationships. I like exchanging ideas of what works for their businesses and what doesn't, and get great tips for my own business.

Local business networking, finally!

Stephen Underwood from Relay Viral Referral Vertical Marketing Network
Washington DC, MD

Alignable is a great way to meet other local businesses in your area or even nationwide too. It is a phenomenal way to engage other liked minded individuals moving and going in the same direction as you are in life as well as business. It is an ultimate platform to get to pick other business minded successful people's brains, who are successful in areas that you might be thinking of endeavoring into yourself. The thing that I like the most about Alignable is the real-time live connections with other businesses that you can meet face-to-face right in your local area.