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About Us

I am a professional architectural and real estate photographer. For more than nine years, I have provided top quality photography to YYC realtors, sellers, contractors, designers and developers.

I provide magazine-quality, fully-edited, HDR images for realtors and sellers. My real estate work has appeared in several publications.

I provide corporate photography for developers and designers, as well as show rooms. My work appears on many corporate websites, an in Western Living.

I provide in-studio and on-location head shots and portraits, as well as family photography.

Our award-winning event photography division, J&J Lawrence Photography, provides photography for events small and large, from client appreciation events to networking to major events spanning weeks.

We are the 2017 winners:

Best Event Photographer, Calgary Event Awards

Best Event Photography, Canadian Event Industry Awards.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal real estate client is a dedicated professional who values their reputation, strives to excellence in all aspects of their practice and puts their clients first. Our clients understand photography is an essential part of their business and choose us for our proven skills. Our clients' reputation is core to our practice.

Our portrait and family photography clients understand the long-term value of photography and know how important it is for themselves, their work, and their families, as an archive, an historical resource and as homage to their loved ones.

Our events photography clients know the immense value of photography for their organizations in the present and the future. They understand the enduring value of photography and why their events budget must include photography; images from events are the enduring piece: whether weddings, gatherings, corporate events, 15 years from now - or 100 - the images remain to commemorate the event.

Our Team
Julie Vincent Photography from Julie Vincent Photography
Julie Vincent Photography
Products & Services

Residential real estate

Magazine-quality real estate photography Pricing includes Fully-edited, sized for MLS images Private gallery for your clients to share Listing on Facebook with links to your site Usage license to sale or termination of contract. PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR SPECIFIC PRICING.
Businesses We Recommend
Best-keep "secret" in Marda Loop. It is literally where everyone goes! Networking, meetings, breakfast, lunch, snacks, you're sure to get excellent food, wonderful atmosphere. You'll always run into someone you know! Books and objets d'art for sale and a working art gallery in the lower level. Such a cool place.
Utterly delicious food in a great, relaxed atmosphere. Like going home for dinner. Truffles! Yum.
Vincent Flasch Design,
Vincent Flasch Design
Exception residential and commercial design; LEED certified designers. More than 10 years' experience.
JAX Home Builders Calgary,
JAX Home Builders Calgary
Excellence! Dependable, high-quality builds and general contracting.
Indescribably gorgeous Ramen in Bridgeland. Worth following on Twitter; they make 150 bowls a day, so when it's gone, it's gone. Twitter updates all day.
Past Events & Promotions
Your reputation is everything. Let us provide you exceptional real estate photography that will wow your clients, increase your viewing and speed sales. 10% discount on your first listing with us.
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Year five of our ongoing international street photography project. Exhibition: February 4th to March 31 Location: 207 - 8th Ave SW, lower level Opening night: February 11 from 5 - 7 p.m. Gallery is open to the public 7 days a week, store hours
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From January 15th to February 28th, new real estate clients receive a 10% discount on their first residential real estate shoot. If you've never used a professional, now is the time. Let me show you why photography is the core and important part of your marketing, both for your clients and...
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Excellent work, delivered on time. No matter how big or small the job, we never waver on quality. Ever. Magazine-quality every time. (more)
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