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Brad Laurabee from Paradise Pest Solutions wrote
Well Alignable, I dont really like how you took my 8 points and turned it into a Half a star doesnt make sense to me. To Be Honest I would have given Thumbtack 4 Stars. They have done pretty good f... (more)
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Lisa Vasey from Staged Today, SOLD Tomorrow! wrote
I just started using 17Hats - it's a CRM plus workflow/process. You can use it to send documents, contracts, invoices, etc. and it integrates with Quickbooks online. They have a free trial version. (more)
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Shawn Henning from Ducket's Dollar Store wrote
I see a ton of negative comments about yelp and while I have some reserve about yelp. I have to admit they have brought me a lot of business. Customers always tell me how they found us through yelp... (more)
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