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Peggy Warny from Portraits by Peggy wrote
First of all, you must realize how confused I am about this question. People all have beautiful features, understanding body types, shapes, sizes, skin tones, etc. any professional should know li... (more)
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Kimberly Creekmore from Cultivate, A HairLoveDesign Salon wrote
Aveda!!! What's up Rudy Miles! We never met but I was with an Aveda salon for 6 years and think your makeup is beautiful. -Kim (more)
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Verras Gray from Brokers Edge General Insurance Services, Inc. wrote
Chubb's complete markets offer's agent to sign up for leads which can be purchased for each and the costs does vary. I'm a wholesaler facilitating niche products - thats what I do and it keeps me ... (more)
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