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The BIG misconception is that you go to the chiropractor when something hurts. Regular chiropractic adjustments can prevent those hurts in the first place and, better yet, people who are adjusted on a regular basis simply feel better than they ever had before discovering this "best kept secret". We suggest giving it a try for a month and finding out for yourself how well you can ACTUALLY feel when you no longer ignore the little things that are always bugging you in the background!

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Center City Philadelphia's premier provider of Activator Methods Chiropractic. This highly specific, low-force and gentle method of chiropractic allows our patients to relax and enjoy their return to health. We love caring for our patients. Our patients range from babies with colic and two year olds with ear infections to 95 year olds who leave our office standing taller and straighter. Pregnant moms-to-be are sent to us by their midwives and OB's (many of whom are also our patients) or just by caring friends. Chiropractic care is one of the only ways pregnant moms can gain relief without taking dangerous medicines. Our pregnancy table is a favorite; moms get to lay face down for the first time in months allowing them to totally relax and enjoy their adjustment.


Established in 1994

By husband and wife Dr. Zach Weiser and Dr. Yana Shenkman. When the kids came along, Dr. Zach stepped forward and Dr. Yana stepped into the role of mom and business manager for Washington Square Chiro. Dr. Shenkman still sees some of her long time patients and additionally works as a home care physical therapist for some of Philadelphia's local hospitals. Early in 2010 the practice evolved to an Activator Methods specialty practice which allows us to treat patients with greater accuracy and comfort than traditional chiropractic methods offer. Our focus on patient care and patient care alone has always been our hallmark and this has not, and will not ever change.

Meet the Business Owner: Dr. Zach W.

Dr. Zach's passion for growing plants led him to a degree in botany which is something he continues to enjoy. Post graduate studies led him to medical research in neurophysiology - how the brain works. This fascinating work led to great frustration as Dr. Zach only rarely had the chance to see any practical, healing application of his work. This, along with exposure to the world of complementary healing, ultimately led to his career in chiropractic. The Activator Methods of chiropractic most attracted Dr. Zach because of the tremendous research that organization has done into the neurological basis of chiropractic. Chiropractic has been for Dr. Zach the perfect marriage of hard neurological science and the more vitalistic healing methods which allow for life-force to be increased in the body and for the body, mind and

Chiropractic in the Traditional Fashion

Using the gentle and exact Activator Method to perform adjustments with one goal in mind. To unleash your body's Innate Healer.
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