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“ Paul Shankman and Jim Hinds are excellent lawyers and do an excellent job representing their clients. ”
Written Aug 15, 2017

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Ever Wonder What Your Animal Is Thinking? Everyone has the ability to talk intuitively with animals…. Prove this to yourself in this class! You will learn how to hear what animals have to say! Doing verifiable exercises & working with animals you don’t know will give you proof that you are...

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Vehicle Tracker Lite

InTouch GPS
Our amazing device simply plugs into a port underneath the dashboard and works with our application to provide location, speed, and diagnostic data on your vehicle every 60 seconds. You can set up alerts to be emailed or texted to you in real time if the vehicle enters or exits a geographic...

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Rachelle Mand from Rachelle Mand PhD
Rachelle Mand from Rachelle Mand PhD answered:
It might be good to direct them to your work such as your website. I would offer to meet informally to see if it is a good fit for both parties. (more)

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Tina T Phillips from MCPA
Tina T Phillips from MCPA wrote:
Our customers include a vast array of professionals in any industry who will benefit from working with veteran television and film professionals to leverage their brand, bring visibility to causes, and have need of a cooperative, cohesive team to win. (more)

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Julie Mouw from Enagic USA
Julie Mouw from Enagic USA
Torrance CA • Wellness
💦Passionate about exchanging health info & assisting others in meeting their health and fitness goals through dialogue, education & empowerment. Entrepreneur driven to share "what's in your water?"💦
Joined on Aug 12, 2017

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