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“ Tucson Expo is a great venue to host all kinds of events from banquets, to concerts, to trade shows. The staff is highly experienced in all set ups... ”
Written Sep 19, 2017

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Dennis Rhodes from Flammable Creations
Dennis Rhodes from Flammable Creations answered:
I find that asking for a preliminary deposit tends to weed out the deadbeats immediately. I have always asked for half up front and the remainder upon final delivery. I haven't had an issue with payment ever since I implemented this policy. Anyone who is reluctant to pay a deposit, is more likely to be reluctant to pay the final balance. Trust m... (more)

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Eastern Hills Aquatic Club, Tucson AZ
Judith Strayer from Eastern Hills Aquatic Club wrote:
We're looking for new members who would like to have a semi private pool for swimming, lessons, and social events. We also will offer use of the pool for parties! (more)

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Soiree Girls LLC, Tucson AZ
Jennifer Olguin from Soiree Girls LLC
Tucson AZ • Web Design, Graphic Design, and Audio
Soiree Girls, Tucson Arizona's Wedding planning, styling and Event Planning. We are inspired by love.
Joined on Sep 19, 2017

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