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“ I would highly recommend Cliff as a very talented locally based artist. He takes care in producing unique and creative pieces with varying combina... ”
Written Aug 14, 2017

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Orlaco Camera & Radar Systems for Heavy Equipment

Mountainview Systems Ltd.
Orlaco Inc. makes the most durable camera & radar systems on the market, specifically designed for heavy equipment. Their cameras have superior resolution and "night vision" and feature heated lenses and sealed anti-fog housings. Cameras come in various viewing angles, depending upon the...

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Joe Miller from Double M Electric & Controls
Joe Miller from Double M Electric & Controls answered:
Best way to pay is with Bitcoin. Fees are ridiculously low, you can even buy a coffee with it. In addition, instead of my funds being eaten alive by all the bank fees, evrrytime I check, my funds have increased. (more)

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John Evans from ATB Financial Millcreek Branch
John Evans from ATB Financial Millcreek Branch wrote:
Our ideal customer would be someone who is looking for some guidance financial or someone who is tired of their current bank and wants to save / make some extra money. Anyone looking for an account, or an investment, or a loan is welcome.Ideally, for me, it would be someone who lives in Edmonton as well as that is where I am located. (more)

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MCM Home Exteriors, Edmonton AB
Pat McMullan from MCM Home Exteriors
Edmonton AB • Home Improvements and Repairs
Since 1984, MCM has provided thousands of customers with high-quality, professional exterior home improvements, specializing in window and doors in Edmonton and Red Deer. Whether you are looking to improve your home's beauty, minimize your home's environmental impact, or increase your family's co...
Joined on Aug 14, 2017

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