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About Us

I'm a Business Consultant, Mentor & Lead Generation Specialist and I have been in the home business industry for over 24 yrs. now. I also Mentor in the areas of Video & Internet Marketing, and Social Networking.

My goal is to provide Value that is Beneficial for all those I come in contact with daily. Let me know if I can be of service to YOU!! It will be my pleasure to serve in any way I can.

Because YOU Matter,

Ivan Harris, Sr. "The Value Creator"

(228) 265-3696

God Blessed This Man To Change My Life FOREVER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQNP60GuKeM

How We Got Started

I've been involved as a Biz Owner for 24 years now and God has blessed me to learn many things so I share information that can assist others in overcoming difficulties they are facing to help them achieve their Goals & Dreams with God's Mighty help.

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone who is looking for assistance with Creating a Brand online to create more prospects for their business, product or service. And who would like Assistance with Internet Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Networking & Mentoring or Life-Coaching.

Our Team
Ivan Harris Sr from Ivan Harris Sr "The Value Creator"
Ivan Harris Sr
Products & Services

Feel LOST About Marketing Online? I Can Help

I Have Been Doing Internet & Video Marketing for over 10 years with God's help. It's NOT Rocket Science but there is a Science to it. I will show you HOW to Market Yourself & your business online using the various Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & more. Sharing with you...

Personal Branding: What Is My Niche Market?

Here's another video in my Series of videos dealing with Personal Branding as a Lead Generation Strategy. And this video deals specifically with Personal Branding for the Specific Niche Market you're targeting. In order for you to be successful in your marketing to Brand yourself effectively:...

Personal Branding Tips: Don't Compete CREATE

This is the first in a series of videos dealing with personal branding and how to separate yourself from the crowd. In this Brief video, the Main Strategy in Personal Branding is not being like Everyone else. And what is everyone else doing? They are basically telling you why their Product,...

If You LOST Your Health Today: WHAT Would You Do?

What would you do if you lost your Health Today? This is a question that most people are terrified to even think about it. But the reality is that Millions of people are confronted with this question Daily in the U.S. and all around the world whether they are ready to face it or not. But the...

TIRED Of Autoships? Get Rid Of Them Now

One of the reasons Autoship causes so many Networkers to get hurt & fail in business is when you are building a business but have to be concerned about paying for an Automatic or Manual payment EVERY Month to be qualified & Be Paid and haven't made any money yet. This causes A LOT of Stress &...
Businesses We Recommend
Kelly is doing a Great Thing helping others protect their money!!
I talked with Deborah and she is a Great lady!! She's Very talented at what she does and has been doing it for quite some time. Stop by and Purchase some of her Tabletop Decor. It's Very Professionally done!!
Talked with Brenda and she is passionate about helping others which is my Philosophy. It's all about Serving others for sure.
I've talked with Tim by phone and he is Very Personable & Professional and I really enjoyed the conversation with him. Thumbs Up for Tim!!
I talked with Kenneth by phone and enjoyed our conversation greatly!! He struck me as being a fine gentleman. Get to know him. Thanks, Ivan "The Value Creator"
Past Events & Promotions
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MARK THIS ON YOUR CALENDARS!! This coming Tuesday, on MAY 30TH Star Prime Video Gaming Club, the company of which I'm one of the principals, will have a BIG FREE TOURNAMENT and the featured game will be Counter-Strike Global Offensive or C.S: GO for short. "Okay Ivan, Sounds Great!! But What...